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If you’re looking for luxurious and elegant children’s dresses to buy, you’ve come to the right place!


LeBukLe offers high-quality kids’ party gowns available worldwide. We put our hearts and souls into creating our stunning collections. And we’re happy and grateful to see our customers loving it.

Our exclusive store is here to make you happy!

LeBukLe @ 2022.

Our Founder

Our founder Ekaterina Lesnova is a mom of 2 wonderful daughters who inspired her to start her own brand creating beautiful party dresses for girls. 

She’s put a lot of love and effort into building LeBukLe. Ekaterina learned Fashion Design from some of the best teachers in the industry, and she continues to expand her skills every day.

Our Mission

LeBukLe is more than a fashion brand. 

Our big goal is to help young girls and their moms bask in the glory of their unique beauty. 

We are devoted to bringing joy and happiness into each of our customers lives.

Our Inspiration

Just like orchids, hydrangeas, and tulips are meticulously crafted by nature, exclusive LeBukLe dresses are made with love and immense attention to detail. 

Each gown in our collection is named after a beautiful flower. And this is not a coincidence!

Our designers draw vision from the delicate colors, the shapes of green leaves and flower petals to create stunning designs fit for your precious angels. 

We believe that every flower has its own meaning. Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, Eustoma – joy and peace, while Tulips represent new beginnings. 

In the same way, each little princess is unique and wondrous in their own way. 

At LeBukLe, you will find a perfect party gown for any special occasion. But also, you will find a dress that suits your baby’s character and brings out their truest self.

Our Highlights

LeBukLe @ 2022

Your celebration begins with LeBukLe

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